When work-life became home-life.

A great post from Paul McGilloway at Stangate HR and something that I am sure resonates with a lot of us! A month on, lets hope he has managed to hang onto some of his sanity! When work-life became home-life. The blurring between our office and home environment has certainly come into forced focus due…

April 21, 2020
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7 Ways to Keep Your Employees Motivated at Work

September can be a tough month for employees. The holiday season is coming to an end, many are juggling the challenge of enrolling their children into a new school year, whilst others may be dreading going back to work after returning from 2 weeks in Ibiza. This is all human nature and so I have…

September 2, 2019
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Parents reveal struggle to balance work and home life!

Parents reveal struggle to balance work and home life! Almost one in five (18%) working parents have deliberately slowed down their career progression as they have struggled to balance their working life with their responsibilities at home. According to the 2018 Modern Families Index, published by work-life charity Working Families and childcare provider Bright Horizons,…

March 8, 2019
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