Question: What is the best way to find an HR Mentor?

Your feedback and advice are requested!

We are asked every now and again what is the best way to find an HR Mentor.  Our normal course of action is to refer people to the CIPD mentor scheme which looks good for those that are CIPD members as well as trying to connect them informally with any of our network that might like to help.

As this crops up semi-regularly, we thought it may be useful to draw together some links/resources together to help anyone else that is looking for a mentor in the future.

Therefore, we have a few questions!

  • What would be your advice for someone looking for an HR Mentor?
  • Have you used / Are you aware of any existing schemes that could help someone looking to find a mentor?
  • Are you interested in supporting a London based HR Advisor as an HR Mentor? If so, then let us know and we will connect you.

If you have anything else to add that you think would be useful, then we would really appreciate your feedback.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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